Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Our Story So Far

Teemo's Opening Dialogue

Teemo.jpgA grave disappointment you are to me. Unfulfilled promises, unpaid debts, destruction of my property, and broken contracts, even rumors of dealings with my chief competitors. Certainly, you didn’t think you would get away with these activities? Perhaps you mistake me for a new born brood? Maybe you think Jabba might offer you some protection? Yes a disappointment, but I will survive – you however, perhaps not. As Teemo says this three large rather foul smelling and large, even for their kind, Gamorreans step out of the shadows breathing heavily from their pig-like faces, sticky drool falling from their large tusks. Each hefts a rather wicked looking weapon, axe, halberd, and nasty looking club as suits their brutish and vicious nature. You think you recognize these three as some of Teemo’s enforcers. These are true violence specialists and you realize that now may be a good time to beg or maybe run. Teemo speaks again, I am a sporting Hutt so I will give you a 30 second head start. As he says this the lights snap on all around you revealing several observers whose faces you cant make out looking down at you. A door opens behind you and Teemo says, 20 seconds. The Gamorreans snort and snuffle and raise their weapons…


SpyNavy SpyNavy

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