Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Onboard the Krayt Fang

Just another day on Tatooine

The landing ramp door closes behind you with a solid hiss and clang. The last thing you see is the perplexed and subsequently enraged face of the Trandoshan slaver, Trex as he fires a blaster bolt at your retreating forms and then spins around as a two squads of Imperial Stormtroopers enter the Hangar Bay. The normally white armor caked with the orange of the ever present Tatooine sand courtesy of your fire suppression and subsequent water bath you courteously provided upon their arrival at Mos Shuuta. Your amused smiles are quickly wiped away when you see the heavy weapons the Stormtroopers brought to your little soiree. Blaster fire begins to criss cross the hangar as Trex and his motley group of security droids exchange pleasantries with the Empire’s finest. Blaster bolts ring off the Krayt Fang’s hull and landing struts. The ship looks exactly the way you imagined a ship owned by a distinctly unpleasant Trandoshan would and it would appear that Trex was not the most hygienic being to fare the spaceways. The Krayt Fang appears to be a standard YT-1300 freighter flown by an uncountable legitimate and not so legitimate beings throughout the galaxy. Another series of explosions rock the hull, it’s probably time to go.


SpyNavy SpyNavy

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